Office Furniture By Vivente

VIVENTE features Clarity, Integrazione, and Creative to provide your office solution. the three brands offer a variety of versatille models with different functions according to your office needs, artistic taste and sense of style

The Products
Vivente also features high quality of workstation products that characterize their uniqueness in avant-garde designs inthree different brands, namely.

Designed to fullfill the needs of dynamics senior office, integrazione offers furnishings with system in the form of workstation configuration that facilities self organization and group sharing environment
Enhanced by the multi-functional accessories, the panel system in Creative allows you to ensure the effectiveness of space utilization. It's total solution for a more efficient work environment
Crafted with elegant and chic designs, Clarity offers versatile concept of office system that allows more flexible function while maintaining your privacy in comfortable space
We provide a wide range of Chairs and Sofas wich work in even the most challenging office spaces. our products are always updated with stylish and elegant design.
Chair design that are we produce prioritizes comfort, strength and ergonomics for users. Users can manages a low-height of the seat very easily according to the needs of users. By using the 5 stars legs create the stability in determining a sitting position.